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One company is hoping to change all that however. Rachel is currently using recycled plastic to provide off the shelf and custom-made sequins of various shapes and sizes. Rachel has turned to experts at Bangor University and has asked them to throw their considerable experience behind her challenge. It claims that by replacing grazing land with forestry the UK will be able to substantially decrease its greenhouse gas GHG emissions. HAL is one of the best-known articifical intelligence characters of modern film.

Kubrick, who died almost twenty years ago, was famously silent on the meaning of his films. A new study by research psychologists at Bangor and Oxford Universities show that half of adults who experience clinical depression had their first episode start in adolescence. In fact, the most common age to see the start of depression is between years-old. When walking along the beach, some objects might seem unusual because they are neither pebble nor shell nor seaweed.

They can be covered with a soft white layer that looks a bit like cotton wool. They may appear hard or waxy, and sometimes have objects trapped within. Dogs with their keen sense of smell often find these objects first. An all Party Parliamentary Group, looking at Mindfulness has now launched an interim report, The Mindful Nation UK, urging all parties in the next election to consider how best to include mindfulness in how their parties tackle a mental health crisis.

Dry forests were the cradle of pre-Colombian civilisation in Latin America, and the source of globally important crops such as maize, beans, peanuts and tomato, but despite this and their widespread destruction, they have been long-overlooked by scientists and conservationists. Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities will announce a new Strategic Alliance on Wednesday 7th December that signals a new phase in the partnership between the two institutions.

A Bangor University Professor is to launch an exhibition, map and app about the Jewish history of Bangor.

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A new algorithm which can be introduced into existing components could speed up the advent of the next digital revolution. Merel Bekking, a designer and artist, started her artist-in-residency in the Social Brain in Action lab this week.

Applications are invited from eligible social care practitioners, managers and educators for up to 9 ASCCA funded fellowships. Eligible candidates are invited to apply for a full-funded Masters by Research role at the School of Social Sciences at Bangor University. Criminology student Catherine Suddaby will support a research group led by Professor Stefan Machura studying perceptions of crime among students and police officers, having secured a paid internship through Bangor University.

CERQual helps assess how much confidence to place in findings from qualitative evidence syntheses. Children learning two or more languages are both over and under diagnosed for language impairment. Conflict between humans and elephants has reached a crisis point in Kenya. As the elephants have begun to regularly raid farms in search of food, it has become not uncommon for local people to attack and kill them in retaliation.

Between and , 1, crop raiding incidents, 40 human deaths and injuries caused by wildlife were reported in the Kajiado district alone. But which is better for you? Or, to put it another way, which will do least damage to your immune system?

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New research by Bangor University challenges the current thinking that longer, less strenuous workouts are less harmful to the immune system. An academic who fell in love with Arthurian literature while an undergraduate student in Romania is returning to her homeland to present her latest research at an international conference of Arthurian experts from around the world. Now, the search may finally be over. Bangor University is celebrating Arthurian Studies at the University by holding a public lecture and exhibition of rare books focusing on this area of study. Architects, painters and sculptors conceive of spaces in different ways from other people and from each other, finds a new study by University College London and Bangor University researchers.

When asked to talk about images of places, painters are more likely to describe the depicted space as a two-dimensional image, while architects are more likely to focus on paths and the boundaries of the space. How often have you thought that somebody talks just like an accountant, or a lawyer, or a teacher? In the case of artists, this goes a long way back. Artists have long been seen as unusual —. Before the advent of the internet, the greatest gain in customer convenience within retail banking came from the creation of automated teller machines ATMs. ATMs led to significant advances in how customers access financial services because — coupled with the direct deposit — they freed workers from so many routine tasks.

No more depositing a paycheck in person, inquiring about balances or paying utilities solely during banking hours. ATMs enabled impromptu dinners and last-minute shopping over the weekend. The Arctic region is warming up at twice the rate as the rest of the planet, and the most obvious symptom of this warming is the retreat of the sea ice that covers the Arctic Ocean.

The Extremes Research Group are rapidly gaining recognition for their research into how humans face the challenge of extreme environments. This programme of work, led by partners at University College London, centres around people living with rare dementias, and will involve the first major study of the value of support groups for people living with or caring for someone with a rare form of dementia. Despite this, their results suggest that some coral species are more resilient to rising temperatures, which offers hope for these vital habitats.

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From headlines on pre-teen fathers to pervasive beliefs about benefit and housing claims, young parenthood has come to be seen as a risk for society. The Rhieni Ifanc Ni project provided individual support to over parents aged under 25, most of whom were mothers. Aspects of this included promoting economic inclusion through supporting parents to gain relevant qualifications, supporting family and co-parent relationships and enabling parents to form networks with other parents. The study was led by Dr.


A Bangor Business School academic will this week launch a major new publication on the changing face of payments. The unintended consequences of bank regulatory enforcement actions will come under scrutiny in a new study by Bangor Business School. A paper co-authored by a Bangor academic has made the front cover of the prestigious British Medical Journal while another research re-evaluation published by the BMJ, in the same month, received international media attention.

A working paper by a Bangor Business School academic has been quoted in a Computerworld article on position limits. The project is to be undertaken with collaboration from North Wales Credit Union.

Bangor Business School is now amongst the top 15 institutions in the world for research in the field of Banking as of October Bangor Business School is now amongst the top 20 institutions in the world for research in the field of Banking as of April Bangor Business School invites applications from suitably qualified individuals wanting to pursue doctoral studies. We are offering a number of PhD Studentships for research projects across a range of disciplines.

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Bangor Business School maintains its position as one of the top 15 institutions in the world for Banking research, according to the latest RePEc rankings. How can financial development be advanced in the Muslim world? Bangor Business School recently played host to the first seminar in a series which will look at the origins of the financial crisis and the lessons that can be learnt from it.

The project is based on the idea that it is both possible and desirable to quantify proof in international criminal trials. The Labour Market Summit was a knowledge exchange event to promote research impact. It attracted a mixed audience of policy-makers, labour market practitioners, employer representatives, trade unionists, careers advisors, and academics.

Bangor Law School is leading a UK wide inter-disciplinary project to examine the question of collective worship in schools. Bangor University — the only UK partner to be invited to join the consortium — will work in conjunction with the University of Tilburg, Netherlands, to research how high-growth potential start-ups can benefit from public procurement participation, and the challenges they face in doing so.

A Bangor Business School lecturer has won an award for a paper presented at a major banking and finance conference in Italy. A Bangor- Unversity led European Union funded research project developing techniques to assist in the fight against illegal fishing and to preserve fish stocks is covered in the Magazine Science. Completion of phase one, funded by a Welsh Assembly grant, has enabled conservation and rebinding of the Pontifical and digitization of its pages. A lecturer from Bangor Business School was the only academic from any European university to attend a conference on the future of retail payments held in the US recently.

The town bears the name of India's founding father because the announcement of the decision to house the Sindhi community a group of people relocated after partition in that area was Gandhi's last act on the day he was killed. The Institute itself is part of an educational group that educates over 8, students thanks to the effort, financial support and vision of K.

Tolani The School of Psychology at Bangor University is to conduct research into new pharmacological treatment for psychiatric illnesses. Researchers at Bangor and Oxford Universities, and the University of British Columbia, have been funded by the Medical Research Council to evaluate the potential of a new drug to reduce the impulsive behaviours associated with alcohol and drug addictions, as well as mania. The challenge at the event organised by the BBC News Labs was how to help improve journalism in a multilingual environment in order to take advantage of news and information in other languages, and read content in a number of different languages.

James Brockington discussed his MSc dissertation research to a global audience in Delhi. Charles Darwin called it the mystery of mysteries: how do new species arise? But only with the advent of cheap large-scale DNA sequencing have we had a hope to understand how the process works at the most fundamental level. Saturday, 4 th of February marks World Cancer Day.

Bilingualism: Language and Cognition BLC , is an international peer-reviewed journal focusing on bilingualism from a cognitive science perspective. An article by Prof. Cambridge Journals have provided free access to this article here. Bangor University is leading research investigating how poverty is closely tied to the state of the environment in countries such as Madagascar. The research project which aims to help understand the linkages between poverty and the destruction of tropical rainforest brings together scientists from Madagascar, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands.

Mountains literally take our breath away, not only because of the dramatic landscapes and distinctive cultures, but because every breath taken at high altitude contains less oxygen known as hypoxia. Innovative specialisms at Bangor University have meant that a man who lost his voice following cancer treatments two years ago is now able to communicate in his own synthetic voice. WIPS was developed to enable necessary and important research to be conducted.

On Thursday 28 th and Friday 29 th June, Bangor University will be hosting an international conference exploring the themes of intersectionality and belonging. Professor Dermot Cahill, Head of Bangor University Law School, has been invited by the UK Conservative Party to sit as a Member of the House of Commons Parliamentary Inquiry into electronic procurement, to assess the case for the feasibility of introducing electronic invoicing into the UK as a widespread Government purchasing practice. Wolverhampton City NHS Primary Care Trust, who have pioneered UK use of the Food Dudes scheme to encourage schoolchildren to eat more fruit and vegetables, have decided to continue for a further two years.

During the conference, he presented two papers on the research work being undertaken at Bangor University on a novel system of storing livestock carcasses prior to disposal, called Bioreduction. Bangor University and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding which will enable both organisations to work more closely together in future years.


New Research Scholarship places are being offered at Bangor University for the third successive year. The places are part of the University's five year post-graduate expansion programme. As well as contributing to the further growth of our already vibrant postgraduate community, over half the Scholarship students will work on projects that will assist businesses working in key sectors of the Welsh economy. Hughes, the University's Vice-Chancellor.

It follows a conference at Llangollen Pavilion where 78 delegates from Welsh churches gathered to hear how to create Dementia Friendly Churches. Agriculture faces a pressing problem: the need to provide food security for a burgeoning population whilst safeguarding the environment. Whilst the use of fertiliser nitrogen has helped in increasing food production, this has been at the expense of the environment, especially in rapidly developing countries such as China and Brazil.

Forty-two major pan-European research projects led by Bangor University academics were successfully funded, against stiff competition in FP7, the 7th Research Framework Programme of the European Commission, which ran from to On 9 May, the University, along with many establishments across the UK and Europe, will mark Europe Day with a number of events and activities.