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Satan—the ‘Spirit’ of the trinity

Hebrews The Greek word for person in this verse literally means "substance. Does the Bible say that there are two persons in the Godhead? Does the Bible say that all the Godhead is revealed in one person? Yes, in Jesus Christ. II Corinthians ; Colossians ; ; Hebrews Is the mystery of the Deity hidden from some people? Luke Who is the Father? The Father is the one God, particularly as revealed in parental relationship to humanity.

Deuteronomy ; Malachi Where was God the Father while Jesus was on earth?

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The Father was in Christ. John ; II Corinthians He was also in heaven, for God is omnipresent. Did the prophet Isaiah say that Jesus would be the Father? Isaiah ; When God said, "Let us make man in our image" Genesis , was He speaking to another person in the Godhead?

Church of Christ

Isaiah ; Malachi How many of God's qualities were in Christ? Colossians How may we see the God who sent Jesus into the world? By seeing Jesus. John ; Does the Bible say that Jesus is the Almighty? Revelation Whom do some designate as the first person in the trinity? God the Father. Whom do some designate as the last person in the trinity? The Holy Ghost. But Jesus said that He was the first and last. How many persons did John see sitting on the throne in heaven?

4. Personal Implications of the Incarnation (Part 1) Philippians 2:5-18

If Jesus is the first and the last, why did God say in Isaiah that He was the first and the last? Because Jesus is the God of the Old Testament incarnate. Did Jesus tell Satan that God alone should be worshipped? Does the devil believe in more than one God? James Does the Bible say that God, who is the Word, was made flesh? Yes John , For what purpose was God manifested in the flesh? To save sinners. Hebrews , Was Jesus God manifested in the flesh? I Timothy Could Jesus have been on earth and in heaven at the same time?

John Does the Bible say that there is but one Lord? Isaiah ; Ephesians Does the Bible say that Christ is the Lord? Does the Bible say that the Lord is God? I kings ; Zechariah ; Acts ; Revelation Because Jesus is God in the flesh. Will God give His glory to another?

Assemblies of God 16 Fundamental Truths

Isaiah Was there a God formed before Jehovah, or will there be one formed after? What is one thing that God does not know? Another God. What is one thing that God Cannot do? Titus How many Gods should we know? Only one. Hosea How many names has the Lord? Zechariah Is it good to think upon the name of the Lord? Malachi Does the Bible say that God alone treads upon the waves of the sea?

Job Why, then, was Jesus able to walk upon the Sea of Galilee Matthew ? Because He is God the Creator. Is God the only one who can forgive sin? Isiah ; Mark Why, then, could Jesus forgive sin in Mark ? Because He is God the Savior.

Is Jesus the true God? I John There is no contradiction when we realize that God the Father and the Holy Ghost are one and the same Spirit. Matthew ; Ephesians ; I Corinthians When Paul asked the Lord who He was, what was the answer? When Stephen was dying, did he call God Jesus? Acts Did Thomas ever call Jesus God? Does the Bible say that Jesus was God with us?

Did Jesus ever say, "I and my Father are one? Can it be proved scripturally that Jesus and the Father are one in the same sense that husband and wife are one? The Godhead was never compared to the relationship of a husband and wife. Jesus identified Himself with the Father in a way that husband and wife cannot be identified with each other. Does the Bible say that there is only one wise God? Jude Does the Bible call the Holy Ghost a second or third person in the Godhead?

John ; I Corinthians ; ; Can Trinitarians show that three divine persons were present when Jesus was baptized by John? Absolutely not. The one, omnipresent God used three simultaneous manifestations. Only one divine person was present--Jesus Christ the Lord. Then what were the other two of whom Trinitarians speak? One was a voice from heaven; the other was the Spirit of God in the form of a dove.

What did the voice say at Jesus' baptism? As the Son of God, Jesus was the one God incarnate.

Is The Trinity Doctrine True Or False?

Acts ; I John God was able to do this because He had taken upon Himself a human body. The Bible says that God is coming back with all his saints Zechariah and also that Jesus is coming back with all his saints I Thessalonians Are two coming back? Only one is coming back--our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Contending For Modesty. We are living in a time of moral confusion, and our generation's immorality is reflected in many of today's styles.

Today's fashion industry has little regard for modesty, and its products often project a look that is inappropriate for someone who wants to mirror Christ. The marvelous grace of God in our hearts compels us to reflect His holiness in the part of our being that other people see. When a person becomes a Christian, his experience changes every facet his life-not just the inward person but the outward person as well.

Alan Watts - The Blueprint Of Your World

A Biblical Principle. The Bible instructs us to wear modest clothing, that is, clothing with a godly appearance.

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  • Of course, our outward appearance cannot substitute for inward holiness.