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If your florist is only sourcing two types of stems, they can buy in bulk, saving you big bucks. Consider sticking to flowers in a similar color scheme or shape for a more cohesive look. This will guarantee the freshest blooms, plus the stems will be less costly too. Your second-best option is choosing from widely available, year-round blossoms, like roses, calla lilies and orchids.

No need to splurge on buds if you don't care about them. Try adding books, seashells, extra candles, heirloom photos or other nonfloral elements to your day.

37 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Skip the sit-down dinner or big buffet and opt for passed appetizers just make sure you have enough to go around—don't let your guests go hungry. Instead of a full bar with a dozen pricey spirits, serve only beer and wine, and one signature cocktail, or some combination of the two. Your love will be no less legit if you skip the Dom Perignon. The more ornate your cake decorations, the more it'll cost you. Keep add-ons to simple, minimal details that won't jack up the price too much.

We know they're small, but sugar flowers are super pricey because they cost your cake baker time and effort it's like a gorgeous mini flower sculpture—made of sugar! Not the most politically fun thing to do, but if you're serious about saving the number one thing you can do is to cut the number of guests you're having. You can always invite people to a get-together in the pub, or the afters if you would like to include them.

And these days, people are more understanding than years ago - going to a wedding costs the guests a lot too remember! Alternatively if you or your partner are skilled designers, design your own stationery and get them printed at your local printer. Go full old-school and get out your prettiest pens. Self-scribed stationery is an easy way to cut several hundreds of euros off your bill, and can be really cute and personal.

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  • Saving money for a wedding!

A controversial one, especially with parents and older guests, but if you're on a tight budget, you have to look for simple savings and cutting down on design, printing and postage will save you a few hundred euro. Opt for one of the printable designs online and email it on from a specific email address free from Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo.

Adding RSVP cards and stamped envelopes to the wedding invitations is adding extra cost, and if you just include a phone number and email address , no one will even notice the difference. Instead, pick one area of your wedding that you can DIY — whether it be your favours, ceremony programs, escort cards, or cake — and focus on doing that well.

Married People Reveal the Top Wastes of Money at Weddings

You will save on cash, stress and paper cuts, trust us! As pretty as they are, more often than not it's only you and your partner who will notice these little extras.

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  • Married People Reveal the Top Wastes of Money at Weddings.
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Also, they often get left behind and if you've made them by hand, you or Mum's feelings might be hurt If it's something you're going to treasure, then it's a good idea, if it's just clutter, then consider hiring or borrowing , which leads me to Ask your florist what decor they have hidden away that you might hire or borrow, they always have a shed-load of decorative items from lanterns and vases, to bottles and bowls , you never know what secret treasure might bring your look together.

Don't be afraid to multi-task your flowers from the ceremony space right through to your reception , those pew ends or lanterns can be brought with the groomsmen or a good friend and reinstalled on the tables or in the entrance hall.

WEDDING HACKS - How To Get Married for UNDER $1000!

Flowers are sold in bulk, and the more types you have the more the cost goes up. FYI: single colour bouquets are also a big trend for !

Every flower has a "proper" season when they should be in bloom, but nowadays many are available all year round, that is they're being grown on the other side of the world, which makes them Staying within season for your bouquets will save both hassle and money - and it's way better for the environment! A really pretty flower, for some inspiration check out our Gypsophilia budget wedding ideas. Foliage is another growing trend for chic, budget bouquets. Go for quality over quantity and have a stylish and delicious single tiered wedding cake - here's lots of gorgeous ones to inspire you!

If a tall traditional work of art is your idea of a wedding cake but you don't have the budget, then a really easy trick for creating the illusion on a smaller budget is to include some fake layers made of styrofoam decorated as normal to make it more impressive. You could even have a complete fake cake, and serve slices of simple iced cake instead.

Talk to your wedding cake baker - they know this trick well!


Wedding budget and savings tips | Standard Bank

Unless you're a professional, we don't really encourage baking your own wedding cake, you've too much to do! If wedding cake isn't a priority to you or your other half, then there are great options available to buy in shops. Applying the same principle as with flowers - stick with wedding food choices that are in season and don't go looking for massive air mile stuff.

This will save you time and money, and local and seasonal will taste better. Lamb in winter should be a no go, similarly fresh berries for your desserts would work much better in summer. If you're having a more relaxed wedding day, then why not opt for a buffet style meal, a bbq or a picnic? Informal dining is really popular now, and the options have become a lot more sophisticated, less courses means less cost.

Check out these cool food truck options for inspiration.

The invitations (average cost: $408)

Lots of lovely brides we know with upcoming nuptials will be rocking designer sample sale beauties. Follow your favourite designers and boutiques on social media, sign up for their email newsletters and keep up to date with the latest sales over on our event calender , and save yourself hundreds. High street is another great choice - just look at stunning real wedding bride Sarah in Ted Baker. Luckily for brides this season white is bang on trend, so get looking ladies, and keep an eye out for our upcoming posts on the best places to shop.

Renting is another great option if you're after something particularly high end. If you're not sure where to look, we've gathered a list of our favourites in Ireland right here.