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Sitemap Index. General Imprint:. Hoffmann, who long counted Richter among his influences. Richter wrote the preface to Fantasy Pieces, a collection of Hoffmann's short stories published in In September Jean Paul lost his only son, Max, a youth of the highest promise; and he never quite recovered from this shock.

He lost his sight in , and died of dropsy at Bayreuth, on 14 November Jean Paul occupies an unusual position in German literature and has always divided the literary public. Some hold him in highest veneration while others treat his work with indifference. He took the Romantic formlessness of the novel to extremes: Schlegel called his novels soliloquies, in which he makes his readers take part in this respect going even further than Laurence Sterne in Tristram Shandy.

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Jean Paul habitually played with a multitude of droll and bizarre ideas: his work is characterized by wild metaphors as well as by digressive and partly labyrinthine plots. He mixed contemplation with literary theory: alongside spirited irony the reader finds bitter satire and mild humour; next to soberly realistic passages there are romanticized and often ironically-curtailed idylls, social commentary and political statements.

The quick changes of mood attracted the composer Schumann whose Papillons was inspired by Jean Paul. His novels were especially admired by women. This was due to the empathy with which Jean Paul created the female characters in his works: never before in German literature were women represented with such psychological depth.

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At the same time however, his work contains misogynistic quips. Jean Paul's character may have been as diverse and as confusing as many of his novels: he was said to be very sociable and witty, while at the same time extremely sentimental: having an almost childlike nature, quickly moved to tears.

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It is obvious from his works that his interests encompassed not only literature but also astronomy and other sciences. It is no surprise that the relationship of so capricious an author with the Weimar classicists Goethe and Schiller always remained ambivalent: Schiller once remarked that Jean Paul was as alien to him as someone who fell from the moon, and that he might have been worthy of admiration "if he had made as good use of his riches as other men made of their poverty.

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Although he always kept his distance from the classicists, who wanted to "absolutize" art, and although his theoretical approach most notably in his Introduction to Aesthetics was considerably influenced by Romanticism, it would be misleading to call him a Romantic without qualification. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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