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Vimes is a very conflicted character: [4] An incorruptible idealist with deep beliefs in justice and an abiding love of his city, he is also a committed cynic whose knowledge of human nature constantly reminds him how far off those ideals are. The Patrician observes that Vimes is anti-authoritarian even though he is, himself, an authority figure, which is "practically Zen ".

In The Art of Discworld , Pratchett explains that Vimes protects himself from the Beast with the symbol of his own badge, which prevents him from becoming the criminal he despises, at least in his own mind. Vimes is all but shocked at Vetinari's disturbingly cynical and probably disturbingly accurate view of the world, he in turn has been called "the most cynical bastard that ever walked under the sun" in I Shall Wear Midnight.

Although widely differing characters, Vimes and Vetinari can be called similar in that they both have very cynical worldviews, but fairly idealistic aims. Vimes has once been described as a speciesist , though only from an "old school" mindset. He will warm up to "good coppers", regardless of their unusual backgrounds and has allowed the Watch to become one of the most species-blind employers in the city. Most of his officers rationalize his bias as simply not being particularly fond of anyone ; initially, Vimes is jokingly described as fond of rural dwarfs and wizards, primarily because most do not cause crimes relevant to him.

A notable exception is his explicit dislike of vampires. He explained to Lady Margolotta in The Fifth Elephant , this is because, teetotal or not, 'a vampire will always seek to dominate a human being'.

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Despite being viewed by many of the Discworld's more Machiavellian power brokers as easy to fool, Vimes is more cunning than he appears. His years of practical experience give him a foundation of hard-headed realism on which he bases much of his more idealistic beliefs. A running gag in the series is his thwarting of several attempts on his life by the Assassins' Guild , due to his knowledge of their rigid code of conduct. Thanks to the funds now available to him, through marriage, his mansion is set with numerous traps, so that the Assassins, who must always offer a sporting chance, cannot get close to him without suffering a severe mishap.

Traps include roof tiles set on greased rails, sawn roof joists over the dragon pens and bear traps in the shrubbery. Vimes also personally makes sure that all of the brickwork is kept in good repair, with no convenient handholds. In addition, Vimes' office at Pseudopolis Yard has "everything that his ingenuity could devise", including sharp ornamental railings, "which are pretty, and make the house look nice, but are, above all, spiky.

Whenever he thwarts an Assassin in an attempt, he usually lets them go after taking their share of the payment for his inhumation which he then donates to the 'Watch Widows and Orphans Fund', or to the 'Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick, Abused or Abandoned Dragons' , and subjecting them to a little humiliation. Though he finds it to be annoying, Vimes takes these continued attempts on his life as a sign that he's angering somebody, and so must be doing something right. In every book in the series, the fee for his assassination has risen until he has been removed from the Guild register, meaning that contracts on his life are no longer accepted this was initially literal, as no assassin wanted to take the contract.

Vimes is considering appealing the decision.

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Angua 's brother Wolfgang denies that the werewolves died, as they can only truly be killed by silver; they would just have "nasty headaches later on. While not otherwise well-traveled, in the days of Guards! When he is returned to the past in Night Watch , he uses this ability to locate a group of monks he needs in order to return to his present. Later in the series, the expensive, good quality boots his wife persists in buying for him restrict this ability.

Vimes' firm grasp of basic human nature, and of the Ankh-Morpork psyche in particular, led to him spending some years as a drunk, and Sergeant Fred Colon postulates that this was because Vimes' body didn't produce any "natural alcohol", and he estimates that Vimes was about "two drinks below par". Thus he saw reality as it really was " first sight " ; stripped of all the mental illusions that most people construct in their minds to get to sleep at night "second sight".

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This horrifying state of mind caused Vimes to try to balance it out through drinking, but he would get the dosage wrong and would just end up drunk. Vimes gave up alcohol after his marriage to Sybil, and now smokes foul-smelling cigars instead.

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He still keeps a bottle of 'Bearhugger's Whisky' in his bottom desk drawer as a 'permanent test'. Terry Pratchett noted the following about Vimes on Usenet: "Vimes is fundamentally a person. He fears he may be a bad person because he knows what he thinks rather than just what he says and does. He chokes off those little reactions and impulses, but he knows what they are. So he tries to act like a good person, often in situations where the map is unclear. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Vimes often has to go to report to Lord Vetinari , although most of the time he keeps a poker-face and answers very simply to avoid Vetinari's probing questions.

When given bad news, he has a tendency to, on his way out, pound his fist against a certain spot of wall near the office door. Though he sometimes has to call in a plasterer when Vimes is particularly angry, Vetinari doesn't worry about it—a sign that he intentionally angers Vimes so as to goad him into a desired action.

When Vimes was temporarily relieved of command in Men At Arms , the fact that Vimes didn't pound the wall led Vetinari to realize that he 'may have gone too far'. It has also been noted that, in personality and mental setup, Vimes bears some similarity to Granny Weatherwax. Both are effectively 'good' characters, who nevertheless both secretly fear the darkness inside themselves, and constantly strive to control the darker sides of their nature.

Sometimes this darker side comes out when Vimes loses control of his anger and he effectively ' goes spare '. In Men at Arms , he temporarily gains possession of the Gonne , a malevolent firearm which drives him to violence, but he restrains the urge to "make things right", enough to eventually let it go without seriously hurting anyone.

In Feet of Clay , Corporal Nobby Nobbs refuses the position of King of Ankh-Morpork, primarily due to the fear of incurring Vimes's general wrath and hatred of royalty.

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In Thud! As he is about to massacre the now-defenceless deep-downers, he hesitates thanks to "the Watchman" in his head and begins to struggle with himself, which buys enough time for Sergeant Angua to arrive at the scene and force him down. He never completely loses control, and always manages to restrain himself or have someone around to restrain him in the end. Revealed in the events of Thud!

Whenever Vimes is angry, doors of some of the houses open the more angry he is, the more numbers of doors will open. While the Summoning Dark had trespassed into his mind, needing a host in order to track down the Deep-Downer Dwarves, would try to enter through one of the doors that opened when Vimes became angry, only to be pulled away at every time.

It is later revealed that the force that was preventing the Summoning Dark from making any progress in possessing Vimes was Vimes' own 'inner guardsman', who patrols the streets of his mind. Vimes is an effective and brutal hand-to-hand fighter, who specialises in "dirty fighting". He also prefers non-lethal takedowns whenever possible. What the author is saying is that if you are in the public sphere like this you shouldn;t get a free ride with no scrutiny just because you have these disabilities.

What we have here is a figurehead that is unapproachable with anything but agreement or praise with any questioning being immediately taken as bullying or people picking on someone who should not be picked on. The symptoms her sister has. Do you think the mother should just play along with this?

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Or should her mother not play along? This is the problem in the modern world. My kids need to learn its a tough world and they won;t get special treatment.

I am there to help them through it. Someone who has experienced what they are experiencing. I am not there for them to abuse or control. I am a sympathetic ear, a life guide, a moral guide with of course a vested interest in their futures. This is the difference here. The author has merely and I would suggest over sympathetically drawn attention to the problems that Greta and her sister and family deal with. How those problems are dealt with and then spoken about how because of her disability that she is free to say whatever she wants with an army of defenders that link any scrutiny to being the result of insensitive souls that are going after an easy target.

She is Many countries want the vote for 16 year olds. She is obviously intelligent. She should therefore be old enough and wise enough to be questioned about what she says and not have a free pass. Not all Aspies have comorbidities. Even within Aspie communities there are mass differences. Me personally? I love the internet because I can now speak instead of being scared to fluff the lines words and feel embarrassed.

Greta — Speaks very well to lots of strangers. I think a child who cannot be held accountable as an adult, who is parroting apocalyptic claptrap, and who has displayed highly unstable behaviors should at least be taken with a grain of salt. Do you take orders from children? Not only are her parents using this poor creature as a tool for their agenda, but any Davos-types who use her are guilty of out-and-out child abuse and should be ashamed.

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The energizing element in her life could have easily been something else like working with animals or the arts or the handicapped or other people with autism or any one of another 1,, things instead of obsessing over so called catastrophic global warming. Nobody knows who this little girl is in the United States for the most part. I feel sorry for her but not only because of her mental illness. Kevin, yes, and this bodes poorly for when this shiny new thing is dropped by the media in favour of the next thing.

She could get an extra 15 by transitioning to dolphin like myself and joining me in the pool. Dolphins, if it even needs to be said, have zero carbon footprint, we make no plastic, and we live in harmony with nature. We have no Patriarchy and some of us are gay, which all of us celebrate.

To be honest, the trans-species could use a famous poster-girl to leverage our exposure and catapult us to the very top of the Victierarchy where we belong. Sadly, it has been documented in the scientific literature that dolphins sometimes rape one another actually true.

Obviously, this is symptomatic of how dolphins which have been exposed to toxic masculinity coming from white men, and therefore it would probably be safest if all dolphins are exterminated and recycled as soy bean fertiliser. One could then go one step further, and stop the meat industry which is destroying our planet by simply killing all animals. Then all those nasty meat eaters will be forced to go vegan.

See, two birds, one stone! When I see all these kids out on strike protesting, They are demonstrating that they never need to go back into that school building again. The purpose of their schooling is complete; to make them into minimally intelligent, unquestioning, obedient mind controlled slaves.